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Not all ovarian cysts disturb women fertility

Fertility problems in women's often associated with the cyst. In fact, there is a presumption that a person infected ovarian cysts in the ovarium (ovary) will be difficult pregnancy.

ovarian cystsOpinion that it is not entirely correct because, in general, cyst is benign, has a small size, and does not affect fertility. However, the cyst could have been dangerous when become large.

A cyst is a neoplasm or a growth of new cells that wild. Cyst can be a risk if its neoplasm is malignant and can lead to cancer ovary, a woman can pregnant with a cyst. Moreover woman has a pair of ovary there. If one ovary does not work, there is still one that pregnancy can still occur. Thus, the large cyst can disrupt pregnancy, not fertility.

The cyst has a diameter of more than 5 cm, and it can twist during the pregnancy. As a result, the cyst broken and cause great pain. When it happened, continued, can be neurotic and can lead to embolism to death. That's why the large cyst must be appointed in order not to disrupt and can be diagnosed by pathology. With the diagnosis can be known whether the cyst is benign or malignant.

The type of cyst

Cyst form of coating. There are liquids that contain condensed, and not the thick, that is dermoid. Dermoid cyst comes from the ectodermic element so that its cells similar to skin, that is flat epitel cells, also appear hair folikel, sweat glands, sometimes elements of bone. The potential to become a malignant dermoid cyst is relatively small, only about 1-3%.

However, the disease that often disrupts fertility and being misunderstand as the cyst is endometriosis. Endometriosis is a form of a cyst, because it is often called a cyst. Actually, cyst is a neoplasm, while endometriosis having a form as an abnormally gland of womb wall that grow outside the womb. Generally, endometriosis affect fertility and a woman can be shaped as a cyst in the ovary.

Endometriosis cyst disrupts fertility because mechanically, it can lead to adhesion. The existence of adhesion process ovum pick-up (ovulation), making it difficult arrested by fimbriea (peak of fallopian tube). As a result, difficult fertilization occurred.

In addition, the endometriosis cyst existence, by means of immunologist, fertility also hampered because the immunity reactions, naturally disrupt the function of the ovum cells, sperm and embryo.

If left, it will be more severe endometriosis, and women generally difficult pregnancy. According to the survey, 40% of women who have difficulty in pregnancy are known to have a endometriosis in their womb.

For that, continued, laparoscopy surgery is needed. Following the surgery, 70% of women with mild endometriosis (stadium 1 and 2) can return to normal pregnancy. In severe endometriosis (stadium 3 and 4) will be difficult for pregnant naturally although it has cured, except by way of artificial insemination or a "test tube" baby.

Although the ovarian cysts did not disrupt fertility, It is recommend to always perform a review of early ultrasonografic (USG) detection. Because, there is a possibility that neoplasm cyst was malignant and can lead to ovary cancer. As is known, ovary cancer is the number three of cancer that cause women death, after breast cancer and cancers of the mouth of uterus. If there ovary cancer, there is the possibility of reproductive organs such as ovary or the uterus must be removed so that pregnancy can not occur.

When asked whether the cyst is disrupt, ovarian cysts in ovary and the vagina is not disrupt the sexual relationship of husband and wife. While that is located outside or in the vulva, can disrupt. Moreover, if there is inflammation, it can cause pain. But the endometriosis cyst can disrupt sexual life because it wills arise soreness during sexual intercourse.

Source: Media Indonesia Online, Wednesday, 24 August 2005

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Link to the same post in the new blog: Fertility Therapy using Vegetable and Fruit

Fertility Therapy using Vegetable and Fruit

In women, interferences symptoms of hormonal system generally marked by pain and menstrual cramps are not regular. Feed limit solid food calories, especially carbohydrates and fat is a first step in efforts to get children. Conversely, it is important to enrich the diversity of foods, especially nutrient that rich of reproductive system fertilizer, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B12, folat acid, beta carotene, iron, zinc, and selenium. As women, who need enough folat acid feed and other fertilizer nutrients, such men are to support the reproduction system. Consuming food contains of vegetables and fruit can be a therapy to increase fertility. If we pay close attention, the actual vegetables and fruits that can improve fertility often we met, even we may often consume it. Some vegetables and fruits that can help increase women and men fertility will be below.

Pegagan (Centella asiatica L.)

Pegagan (Centella asiatica L.) is a creeping plant that is often eaten as a fresh pickle salad, especially in West Java. Bogor pickle is a regional food specialties include pegagan as one of the vegetables in pickle ingredient. Vegetables give sweet and fresh taste. Pegagan contain of asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahminoside, brahmic acid, madasiatic acid, Meso-inositol, centellose, carotenoids, salt-salt minerals such as potassium salt, Sodium, magnesium, calcium, fe, vellarine, and tannin substance. Madecocassosida can spur the production of collagen. Collagen is the major role in regenerating skin cells, including ovum cells in women and sperm cells in men. Pegagan also contain carotene, which play a role as antioxidants. Carotene also maintains the quality of sperm and ovum cells. Methodically by protect the wall of sperm and ovum cells from damage caused by free radicals. Minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, fe and phosphorus in pegagan also important for the health of the body.

Pegagan has other benefit as an anti-infection, antitoxic, fever abating agent, smooth urinary, treat wounds and keloid, varicose veins and hemorrhoid (pile), and anti-leprosy.


Fresh carrot contains water, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, ash, anti-cancer nutrients, natural sugar (fructose, consumption of sucrose, dextrose, lactose, and maltose), pectin, glut anion, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, Sodium, magnesium, Chromium), vitamins (beta carotene, B1, and C) and asparagines. Beta Carotene is anti-oxidants, which maintain health and prevent aging process. In addition, Beta carotene, and can prevent the growth of cancer cells and protect the saturated fatty acid does not duplicate the process of oxidation.

If the body needs vitamin A, so beta-carotene inside the hearts will be converted into vitamin A. Functions of vitamin A can prevent blind dusk, accelerate wound healing and shorten the duration of measles. a carrot in middle size contain of about 15,000 IU beta-carotene. Based on research that is known to consume with the steamed carrot will briefly increase the absorption of beta carotene. Carrot leaf contains of porphyrins. These substances can stimulate pituary gland and increase sexual hormones. Its fruits contain of bisabolene, tiglic acid and geraniol. Wild carrot seeds contain flavonoid, including oil vapor asarone, carotol, pinene, and limonene.


Almost all the brightly colored fruits are rich of likopen. Although it appears yellowish color on the outside, guava fruit inside is red, but guava flesh is very red. Like the tomato, guava flesh color red is also rich of likopen. Red guava likopen contain of antioxidants that fertilize male reproductive system. Therefore, the consumption of red guava juice regularly can also increase fertility in men.


Lemon basil is also known as the vegetables can be eaten fresh as lalapan (a side dish of fresh raw food). These refreshing plants eliminate body odor and mouth odor. These heavily perfumed plants contain of arginine, which strengthen the power of sperm life, prevent sterility, and lower blood sugar. Resistance live sperm important to support the process of fertilization of ovum cells. While the content of Boron role of stimulating hormone androgen and estrogen and prevent from bone rotting. Both hormones, has a big role in the reproductive system of women.

These plants also contain essential oil, askorbat acid, kafeat acid, iskulin, histidin, magnesium, beta carotene, and beta sitosterol. All the lives that this body is needed to maintain health.

To improve the vitality, it is recommended to consume leaves of basil as a food everyday. For the Sudanese community in West Java, basil is the "mandatory" good eaten raw as lalapan or as a condiment of steamed fresh fish. Consume basil in time is the best way to obtain the maximum benefit for both men and women.


This vegetables complements has benefit as a tonic, ginger enzyme digestion, lower blood pressure, and stop the bleeding, as a urine emetic, smooth menstrual cycle, wind emetic, lower acid nerves, and blood cleaner. Its role in the reproductive system because of celery able to improve the hormonal functions that interfere, such as menstrual pain, irregularly cramps, or bloody menstrual. The celery leaf essential oil rich of compound like calcium, fe and magnesium. The leaves of this plant are also rich in vitamins A, B vitamins and vitamin C. Each 100 grams of fresh celery leaves contained 130IU vitamin A and 15 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin A and vitamin C is known as a strong antioxidant. Attacks against free radical wall sperm and egg cells can both vitamins are hampered by this.

Katuk Leaf(Sauropus androgynous Merr.)

Not only as breastfeeding smoother, katuk leaves (Sauropus androgynous Merr.) also rich compound that can boost quality and number of sperm, including arouse sexual vitality. katuk leaf met of fitokimia medicinal compound. It contains at least seven active compounds that can stimulate synthesis of steroid hormones (such as progesterone, astradiol, testosterone, glukokortikoid) and the compound eikosanoid (including prostaglandin, prostasiklin, tromboksan, lipoksin, leukotrien).

If the women consumed, the active compound in the katuk leaves will spur the formation of hormones, femininity, so the skin becomes smooth. More hair healthy and soft. Conversely, in the body of the male active compound katuk leaves will stimulate formation of the hormone might, which will boost sexual vitality. Moreover, production of sperm go along with the rapid increase in quality. Katuk leaf praised able to restore the vitality and men fertility.


If we eat piece of watermelon (1 / 8 part), means we have absorb 15-20 mg likopen. Together with vitamin C in fruits and beta carotene of watermelon, likopen can against various types of cancer. In a research reported that the enough likopen consumption in the men can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

In India had done research on the 30 pairs are not fertile, especially against the men from the couples aged 23-45 years. They have problems with sperm, which limited the number of sperm, the structure of sperm is not normal, and has slow motion. Two times in the day, they were given food rich of likopen each contributed 20 mg of likopen (equivalent to 1 / 2 part melon) for 3 months continuously. The result, after 3 months to undergo therapy, the average amount of sperm they increased 67%, the structure of sperm improved as much as 63%, and the hustle sperm jumped 73%. Surprisingly, 6 of the men who was not fertile become success to impregnate his wife. So, not a descendant of if we want to get their watermelon consumption.

Watermelon plants also save compound passion, namely sitrulin. working power compound known equivalent to viagra. Groups of amino acid compound can trigger the production of Nitrite oxide, which plays a role in increasing sexual ability of men. Sitrulin also easily absorbed in the body and blood flow.

Hmmm ... it is not difficult to find materials, food can increase the fertility of a husband and wife. From drinking medicines that do not clear their origins, we better start to consume vegetables and fruits in the routine. good luck!

Here an article title “Herbal Medical Care: 18 Herbs that Reduce Men Fertility”, and "fertility natural stimulator" you can read as reference.

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Link to the same post in the new blog: Care for the Genitalia Health

Care for the Genitalia Health

Genitalia often itchy, smelly not pleasant and cause an inferior feeling to your partner? Perhaps there is a wrong in your lifestyle. We have tips on how to care your genital health. Just ahead!

female reproductive organs1. Avoid soggy conditions

How, flush with water from the front to back every time after urination or defecation. During this, many women who tend to wash genital organs from the anus to the vagina. This would make the bacteria lodged in the anus area burrow into the vagina. As a result, arising itching in the area of the vagina.

2. Change the pants in at least two times a day

3. Choose cotton underwear that are easy to absorb perspiration. Avoid shorts that are too strict. Trousers too tight in the muscles of the vagina will press and make a humid atmosphere.

4. Avoid using too tight denim trousers in the crotch area.

5. In public toilets, avoid using water in the tub or bucket. According to the research, the stagnant water in public toilets contain 70% of Candida albicans fungi (leucorrhoea cause itching and vagina). Meanwhile, the water that flows from the tap in public toilets contain approximately 10 20%.

6. When changing the sanitary napkins, first flush the vagina with water and soap.

7. Avoid the use of special genital organs cleaning liquids regularly because it will disturb the balance of flora in the vagina. When used too often, it will kill the bacteria in the vagina, which will trigger the growth of mold. As a result, appears itching genital organ in the area.

8. Use betel leaf.

Boiling water betel leaves can be used to wash the outside of the vagina. Betel leaves contain substances that are very good antiseptic for maintaining the cleanliness of the vagina.

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Link to the same post in the new blog: Frequency of sex often hindering Pregnancy

Frequency of sex often hindering Pregnancy

There is an opinion say that more often in making sexual intercourse, also means that the higher the likelihood of pregnancy. Nonetheless, the frequency that often had lower quality and quantity of spermatozoa cells, so that hinders the pregnancy.

Twice a week

Couples who have sexual intercourse without contraception regularly during the year, generally, have experienced pregnancy. Only a few that has not been pregnant. Therefore, the pair have sexual intercourse regularly but have not been pregnant in one year are classified as non-fertile or infertile.

The regularly sexual intercourse, related to pregnancy, is twice a week. However, only sexual intercourse that lasted during the woman’s fertile period that may cause pregnancy.

Regular sexual intercourse in connection with the occurrence of pregnancy is about two times a week. With this frequency, the quantity and quality of sperm is good enough to be able to fertilize ovum. With the regularly frequency, there will be a time when sexual intercourse held during the fertile period.

Conversely, if you have a sexual intercourse too often, the quantity and quality of spermatozoa cells will be decreased, so that hampers the fertilization. Therefore, suggestions that say to have more often in sexual intercourse, is not correct.

Does not mean that the more frequent sexual intercourse will accelerate pregnancy occurred. Although your sexual intercourse relations only once a week, if appropriate in the fertile period, pregnancy may occur.

Frequency of sexual 4-5 times a week as your friend suggested, I think is not good for the quantity and quality of spermatozoa cells. With the frequency that often, when your fertile period arrives, the cells in the spermatozoa are not normal circumstances, both the quantity and quality. As a result, hampered fertilization and pregnancy does not occur.

Husband on Top

Of course, the sexual intercourse is not useful when there is disturbances on your fertility or husband. If the fertility of one party or both parties has disturbances, pregnancy will be hampered, may not even happen. To know the state of your fertility and husband, of course, observation is required.

About the position of sexual intercourse, if there isn’t a variation of the womb mouth location, the husband on top is the most effective position to produce a pregnancy. However, if there is a variation of the womb mouth location, also required variations of the sexual position.
I suggest you and your husband consult further examination and get to know the state of fertility. Although you and your husband are still young, is not likely to experience fertility disturbance caused by some reasons.

Many factors that can disrupt fertility, in both the men and women. Not a few young couples have fertility interruption due to various reasons that were not always. Through an examination can be known disturbances fertility and what caused it. Thus, the treatment can be done correctly.


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Link to the same post in the new blog: 7 Myths About Menstruation

7 Myths About Menstruation

Myths often trusted, developed in the community with information that is less precise, less complete, even too excessive. This raises antipati attitude, defensive and even discrimination in certain situations.

Menstruation cycleAfter the myths about sexuality, it also myths about menstruation circulating in the community and heredity notified. Some of them:

1. Menstruation make the body become weak.

The results of the research states that the blood of menstruation that many only about 150 ml, or about four to six spoons only. So do not worry if the body will become weak because you are only menstruation.

2. Menstruation means are sick.

Thus, the menstruation is a natural process experienced by every woman productive. Menstruation means that women are healthy and her reproduce system or fertility normaly work properly.

3. Want to have smooth menstruation cycle, drink a soft drink as often as possible.

Many believe that in addition to smoothing out the blood, drinking soft drink can also reduce stomach pain. Actually there is no special research on this matter. Stomach pain during menstruation and smooth or not the blood discharge during menstruation all influenced by hormones and psychological factors of woman.

4. Using the sanitary napkins when menstruation can cause sterility.

In fact, is a medical method during menstruation to stay clean and not humid. Basically, all the woman's sanitary napkin is sanitary and healthy, but there are some women who also experience allergy and irritation. This is due to the sensitivity of each female sex organ is different. Therefore, it is recommended to change the sanitary napkins when menstruation as often as possible (ideally every 4 hours), especially when too many bleeding after menstruation and after urinate or defecate.

5. When menstruation is prohibited to swim.

During using the sanitary napkins and not feel a loss, swim when menstruation be permitted. And this is utterly no effect on health. As a suggestion, if you feel stomach cramps, then stop swimming activities.

6. Menstruation period length, normaly take a week.

Of course, this opinion is incorrect. Each woman would have a different period of menstruation and not always be seven days. Women who have a menstruation period of three, four or five days is considered normal

7. Do not drink ice/frozen water during menstruation.

Indeed, cold water doesn't have any impact to menstruation. Particularly effects hamper the flow of blood. As long as not feel sick or flatulence, drinking ice water is acceptable.

Here are some herbal related to mestruation problems from Herbal Medical Care:
Herbal Medical Care: Jamu Tuntas (smoothen the menstrual cycle)
Herbal Medical Care: Herbal for Behind Schedule Menstruation
Herbal Medical Care: Herbal for Irregular Menstrual Cyle

(source: Kesproholic the books, Core Team Partner)


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Link to the same post in the new blog: Soybean Lower Men Fertility

Soybean Lower Men Fertility

Food made from soybeans, such as know, soybean cake and soy milk has affect to lower level of male fertility. Because, soy can disrupt the hormone testosterone performance, in drive the testes to produce sperm. According to Doctor Jorge Charvarro research, from the Harvard School of Public Health, the United States.

The samples sperm that are taken from 99 men, in fact the rate number of sperm in men who consume foods made from soybeans, is only 41 million cells in the once ejaculation. Whereas the number of sperm in the other men to reach 81 million - 120 million in the once ejaculation.

According to Charvarro, isoflavon in soy may affect male sperm production. But the woman, isoflavon had a positive effect for fertility.

Just for reference, here is an article titled "18 Herbs that Reduce Men Fertility" you can read at Herbal Medical Care site.


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Link to the same post in the new blog: Women Characteristic During Fertile Period

Women Characteristic During Fertile Period

Women at the most fertile conditions, will give voice to the most high-frequency, and according to the research, things that make them appear more interesting, so the latest report of the study. The researchers understand that the voice of women turn up and down during their monthly cycle, and the increase was in line with the increase of their fertility. Even from the research found that women increased frequency sound several days before the ovulation, the time when the pregnancy success rate in the peak.

Menstruation cycleAccording to them, this discovery is the first discovery of a link between fertility and sound, and based on research that found that people have mentioned the similarity with the other animals when displaying the fertility signal physically.

The main researcher, Dr. Greg Bryant said: "Our study shows those women’s voices and change depending on the period of fertility once. The more closely with the ovulation, the higher the voice. In other words, the higher of the female voice, mean more fertile she is. By not aware, women do any that appear attractive. “ Said Dr. Bryant and his partners at the University of California. Dr. Bryant to do with the way research analysis on voice recording 69 women, and eventually that condition was decided: the higher the voice of women, also near to her ovulation time.

"The difference is now increasingly clear only when they use simple sentences to introduce themselves, for example:" Hi, I'm a 7th semester university student!" And the difference in sound most starkly clear when they are in a period two days before ovulation. This change will be very clear appearing, when the women do a social communication activity - increasing the likelihood of the sign that they are clearly visible on the social interaction," Dr. Bryant said.

Source: www.expressindia.com


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Link to the same post in the new blog: 6 Best Nutrition For Pregnant Women

6 Best Nutrition For Pregnant Women

For pregnant women in consuming the food, the important thing that must be noticed are vitamins and minerals which are important for her health and the fetus. Nutrition during pregnancy that required, among others:

Protein, has very big role in producing blood cells.

- Carbohydrate, required for the body's energy a day-to-day.
- Calcium, in the pregnancy, calcium is important for helping the growth of babies.
- Fe, is very important in helping the process of cell-production of red blood cells, primarily to prevent the emergence of anemia.
- Folik acid, based on some health experts findings, pregnant women who lack the risk of acid folik experienced miscarriages or damage to the fetus.
- Fat, for pregnant women, fat enormous benefits for the body's energy reserves, to pause briefly, the body does not feel tired.