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Can we select our Baby's Gender?

Over the years, select a baby's sex type in the womb is a topic that gets attention and a source of great speculation. A particular ways to define the gender just based on folktale and often reflect sexual stereotypes

For example, the mother eats a sweet food, in order to have a sweet female baby, or a father who use a boot during coitus to have sons. In the last decade, a very interesting research that connects the appropriate coitus with baby's gender.

However, the value of information for couples who want a son or daughter is still limited. A couple who want to have children of men may increase the likelihood of success does not perform coitus with a few days before ovulation, and couples who want children should stop to have sexual intercourse with women until right after ovulation.

Unfortunately, the use of search reduces the possibilities for the entire pregnancy. Increase the likelihood of a boy from 50 to 65 percent may result in the need for the next five years to be years. Some popular books and articles that can provide a reliable in choosing sex of children.

Search results are based on the paper Dr. Landrum Shettles and include instructions on choosing the right time coitus, use of douche, the body position during coitus, and suggestions about the woman may or not to achieve orgasm. Results data of Dr. Shettles based on artificial insemination, and therefore not surprising that the scientific confirming for the theory can not yet given.

As a conclusion, now there is no way that can be relied on to set before of the child's gender. So it is important for couples to appreciate each sex type of any kind. "Male or female is not different!" If you can be so, the rest is up to the grace of God.



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