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Frequency of sex often hindering Pregnancy

There is an opinion say that more often in making sexual intercourse, also means that the higher the likelihood of pregnancy. Nonetheless, the frequency that often had lower quality and quantity of spermatozoa cells, so that hinders the pregnancy.

Twice a week

Couples who have sexual intercourse without contraception regularly during the year, generally, have experienced pregnancy. Only a few that has not been pregnant. Therefore, the pair have sexual intercourse regularly but have not been pregnant in one year are classified as non-fertile or infertile.

The regularly sexual intercourse, related to pregnancy, is twice a week. However, only sexual intercourse that lasted during the woman’s fertile period that may cause pregnancy.

Regular sexual intercourse in connection with the occurrence of pregnancy is about two times a week. With this frequency, the quantity and quality of sperm is good enough to be able to fertilize ovum. With the regularly frequency, there will be a time when sexual intercourse held during the fertile period.

Conversely, if you have a sexual intercourse too often, the quantity and quality of spermatozoa cells will be decreased, so that hampers the fertilization. Therefore, suggestions that say to have more often in sexual intercourse, is not correct.

Does not mean that the more frequent sexual intercourse will accelerate pregnancy occurred. Although your sexual intercourse relations only once a week, if appropriate in the fertile period, pregnancy may occur.

Frequency of sexual 4-5 times a week as your friend suggested, I think is not good for the quantity and quality of spermatozoa cells. With the frequency that often, when your fertile period arrives, the cells in the spermatozoa are not normal circumstances, both the quantity and quality. As a result, hampered fertilization and pregnancy does not occur.

Husband on Top

Of course, the sexual intercourse is not useful when there is disturbances on your fertility or husband. If the fertility of one party or both parties has disturbances, pregnancy will be hampered, may not even happen. To know the state of your fertility and husband, of course, observation is required.

About the position of sexual intercourse, if there isn’t a variation of the womb mouth location, the husband on top is the most effective position to produce a pregnancy. However, if there is a variation of the womb mouth location, also required variations of the sexual position.
I suggest you and your husband consult further examination and get to know the state of fertility. Although you and your husband are still young, is not likely to experience fertility disturbance caused by some reasons.

Many factors that can disrupt fertility, in both the men and women. Not a few young couples have fertility interruption due to various reasons that were not always. Through an examination can be known disturbances fertility and what caused it. Thus, the treatment can be done correctly.



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