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Cyst Detection

Unlike the cyst in the other organs, ovarian cyst in the ovary or bias disappears by itself. Cyst is also a type of tumor. The cause itself is certainly not known, although there are often allegations use fertility drugs. Generally occur more often in women who have never been pregnant, "the first explanation. M. Soemadadi, Sp.O.G. from the maternity hospital Asih, Jakarta. Following explanation of the cyst and Ovarian.

Results Ovarian cyst that forms such as a bag containing liquid, actually, this is the ovulation result (release of eggs from the ovary cells) that normally occurs each month when a woman experienced menstruation. Cyst that usually disappears by itself. However, sometimes, the cyst can only continue to grow and thus the draw. In fact, appear other cysts that there is no relation to the ovulation process. This is like a cyst that must be awarded necessary so that further examination is required in order to find out whether hazardous or not, and determine the handling to be done.

Cyst is normal (physiological) and not (pathologic) can be seen from its diameter through ultrasonography examination (USG). "A physiological cyst having diameter less than five centimeters and not ordinary liquids, such as a cyst that occurred in endometriosis," Soemanadi said. A physiological cyst usually disappears by itself within three months. However, usually still observed if the cyst is increase or not.

Often without symptoms in the pathologic, enlargement can occur relatively quickly, which sometimes does not realize the people. Because the cyst is often without symptoms appear as the disease generally. That is why diagnosis was initially quite difficult.

Symptoms such as stomach bulge a little and the bottom of the stomach does not feel good is usually felt when the new size is large enough. If you have such actions, usually need to be appointed through a laparoscopic process, so that no incision made in the stomach patients. Once appointed, a routine examination still needs to be done to see if the cyst will appear again or not.



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