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Asthma and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, mothers should avoid the potential drugs. But another story if you are an asthma sufferer who is undergoing treatment and was also pregnant. Do not try stop treatment without first consulting with your doctor. For if you stop drinking the medicine, and suddenly your asthma relapse, will be dangerous for the newborn baby. Why? Due to lack of oxygen when the oxygen content that are supplied to your baby through the placenta will be reduced. Therefore, in addition to consuming the medicine provided by your doctor, you should also prevent for the asthma relapse.

Avoid trigger factors of asthma. Generally, asthma is the manifestation of allergic, so to prevent asthma Avoid allergen (substances or materials that cause allergic reactions). Allergen which includes, among others, the cold, house mite, dust, stress, and food (chocolate, for example).

Avoid cigarette smoke, especially smoking habit that can also trigger asthma. Moreover, in addition to triggering asthma, smoking increases the risk of premature birth, babies born with low body weight, the baby was born dead and SIDS (Sudden infant Death Syndrome) or the syndrome of sudden infant death.

Research in Australia at the end of an 90-year shows that approximately 30% of pregnant women and people with asthma symptoms, their asthma are improved, 50% no change from the condition before pregnancy, and only 20% of asthma worsened. In 2004, the team researchers from the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle found that the gender of the baby in the womb effect on the reaction of asthma that is ailed by pregnant mother. A pregnant mother with a male baby, her asthma symptoms tend to get better, while the pregnant mother with female baby tend to react rather .

Thus, female asthma patients who are pregnant (or planning to get pregnant) should immediately consult with a doctor to make asthma management. In general, drugs for asthma safe for pregnancy, even so you still have to check through your doctor.

Symptoms of asthma are generally worsened during pregnancy aged of 24th to 36th weeks, but will usually be improved in the last weeks of pregnancy. Perhaps due to the start position of the baby down so that the pressure in the lungs. So pregnant women with asthma sufferer can give birth normally.

During the treatment, the mother with asthma is also safe for breastfeeding to the baby because only a few content of drugs that is supplied into the baby body through breast milk. Thus it is, if you have any asthma give breastmilk to your baby during breastfeeding may be due to (particularly exclusive breastfeeding) can prevent trigger factors of allergic on your children.



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