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Whether Stimulation also Useful for Premature Baby?

We believe, parent can use a variety of training and education principles pre-birthing for premature babies, as long as the baby appears happy with the exercises. Because there are often medical considerations to handle a premature baby, you need to ask your doctor before implementing the program of pre-birthing education for your premature baby.

A hospital in the East Cost using electric toothbrushes with cotton twisted on its feather to provide stimulation to the soft skin of premature babies. Our other partners with a researcher of Pre-birthing Education Programs, Dr. Elvidina Adamson-Macedo Of Sterlings, the UK, have used massage in the babies born at the age of 32-34 weeks a new womb, a technique similar to some of the primary sensor (hand, caress, fondling and pressure).

A recent research conducted by Dr. Ruth T. The infant's gross Health and Development Program, Stanford University shows that when premature babies involved in the game-playing early stimulation in the home, three years later their ingenuity to reach 13 points higher than their friends who was born premature and did not receive stimulation . This study involved 985 infants and it is the largest in the type of research.

Research shows that overall effectiveness of the intervention, even for babies who are very weak biologically. Our findings indicate that children who receive intervention (stimulation), the value of achieving higher IQ and have less behavior problems. Parents in the study seem to benefit to get game playing that well. They use the stimulation, learning to be more interactive for their babies. Mothers who give stimulation on premature babies are also more attention to their physical condition they are babies.

Results of this research can be directly linked with progress can be achieved through the stimulation of your baby pre-birthing. In development, the only difference between the infants aged 7 months in the womb and premature infants born at the age of 7 months is just the actual place.

How New In Educating Children Since Gynecology
F. Rene Van de Carr, M.D.
Marc Lehrer, Ph.D.



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