Monday, December 29, 2008

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Link to the same post in the new blog: 6 Best Nutrition For Pregnant Women

6 Best Nutrition For Pregnant Women

For pregnant women in consuming the food, the important thing that must be noticed are vitamins and minerals which are important for her health and the fetus. Nutrition during pregnancy that required, among others:

Protein, has very big role in producing blood cells.

- Carbohydrate, required for the body's energy a day-to-day.
- Calcium, in the pregnancy, calcium is important for helping the growth of babies.
- Fe, is very important in helping the process of cell-production of red blood cells, primarily to prevent the emergence of anemia.
- Folik acid, based on some health experts findings, pregnant women who lack the risk of acid folik experienced miscarriages or damage to the fetus.
- Fat, for pregnant women, fat enormous benefits for the body's energy reserves, to pause briefly, the body does not feel tired.



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