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Bleeding On the First Three semester of Pregnancy

Bleeding is one of the frightening incidents during pregnancy. What is the normal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy? This bleeding can vary from a very small amount (spots), to severe bleeding with a lump and stomach cramps.

Bleeding in early pregnancy does not always Normal, but this often happens on almost 30% of pregnancies. And half of women who experience bleeding in early pregnancy can still pick up pregnancy and birth to a healthy baby.

Bleeding in the number of the very few / spots in early pregnancy can be normal is referred to as a bleeding because of the implantation of fetus in the womb wall cause the wall of the womb that release a small amount of blood usually occurs around 7-9 weeks of pregnancy, and only occurs one or two days only.

Many women also get a spot / The speck bleeding after sexual relations, or lift heavy items, or activities because this is excessive because cervix contain more blood vessel and blood vessel dilation during this pregnancy. For this problem, limited your activity until the bleeding speck is gone.

But, the speck bleeding or bleeding during the first three semester of pregnancy is, may be also a sign of the threat of miscarriage. There are two things that must be considered medically when bleeding occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy or the Pregnancy Entopic abortion. You likely have a miscarriage if severe bleeding (more than 1 glass), usually accompanied by frequent stomach cramps. Sometimes also accompanied by secretion or blood clot network fetus. While the symptoms of pregnancy for entopic vagina is bleeding with stomach pain on the bottom of one side.

Although, The speck bleeding (spotting) in the first trimester of pregnancy is not too strange (often occurs in 30% of pregnancies), but you should inform your doctor about this so that doctors can monitor and anticipate the other pregnancy complications.

And hurry, contact your doctor if much bleeding occurs, the extreme cramps, stomach ache the bottom of the ongoing relief or fever / hot body. All this can be a sign of a threat of miscarriage or other complications such as pregnancy entopic.

Usually a doctor will do checks Doppler to listen to the heart tap and the fetus or the USG. To ensure a diagnosis.

If you are still worried and confused with the bleeding that you experienced this, tell what your feelings and thoughts to your doctor.

Because pregnancy, childbirth and an infant is one of the beautiful and extraordinary in your life, so build a good communication with your doctor, so you have a pregnancy and childbirth that are healthy and fun.



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