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Stages of pregnancy

Here are the changes that occur in your self and embryo during pregnancy.

Stages of pregnancy, First Month (1st – 4th Week)

Your embryo:

On this week, your baby to have a shape of new set of cells which reproduce themselves humming quickly. This is called a embryo. In the embryo started to show this kind of head, body and small tail. Embryo is still attached to the wall of the womb.

Your body:

Due to changes in hormones in the body, perhaps you will feel the second you change your breast, such as a more sensitive and duct-vein more clearly visible in the breast skin. You may also feel tingling hilt. In addition, you may be urinating so often compared to the days usually. Or you can even feel a little stomach cramps as symptoms of pre-menstruation (STDs). Conversely, if lucky you may not even feel any symptoms, so you do not realize that you are actually contains.

Stages of pregnancy, Second Month (5th – 9th week)

Your embryo:

Your baby, at the beginning of the second month, the length of approximately 8-12 millimeters. So infinitesimal! But although it is still small, the embryo will grow up more and more. The head and brain are established, the hands and feet began to grow, have heart beat, and face increasingly resembles the human eye, nose, mouth and tongue, even so petite. Proportion of his head is still larger than the body and legs. Placenta also growing up. At the end of the second month, the length of embryo can reach 25 mm (2.5 cm).

Your body:

Your breasts grow large and heavy, and may also feel more mellow than usual. Wear a bra with good power prop is good also. If you use a bra with good power prop during pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts will still be beautiful. On these weeks, you may start to feel morning sickness-nausea alias nausea and feel easily tired or sleepy. To reduce the feeling of nausea, eat crackers, dry bread, cheese or cheddar. And better food in a little amount but often. Start at this time you should also be diligent to drink acid folat supplements. Avoid or reduce caffeine Feed. Avoid the food that is cooked rare (especially meat, fish and eggs) and cottage cheese.

Listen to your body and do not need to impose themselves in the work. Changes in hormones in the body can affect food taste and performance of your digestion. Also the possibility you will feel the changes that erratic emotions, such as thin-skinned, often want to cry or feel happy a little excessive. Ligaments in your body also began to wane. This is one way to prepare ourselves for the body to accommodate further development of the embryo.

Stages of pregnancy, Third Month (10th -13th weeks)

Your embryo:

The embryo shape is more similar of a baby shape, the proportion of head become a third of the total length of embryo, and the face is shaped more perfectly. Ears, has moved to the side of the head and the body more upright. He is also the more active move. Through USG examination, you can see the baby sling the hands and the feet move like people running. Function of the lungs begin to develop, and also the function of digestive organs. In the12th week, the doctor can begin to see the baby's gender. In the third week, the risk of miscarriage also decrease.

Your body:

If in the months before, your body size may not looked increases, then in the third month the body weight of maternal usually began to be seen clearly. Stomach began to bulge slightly, although you may still be able to wear old clothes-clothes. Approximately 12-hours to morning sickness usually start missing and not too often you urinate more. The emotional shock began to decrease, and also your food appetite will be better (nascent appetite). Slowly but surely, feeling weak, lethargic or sleepy will easily disappear and your energy will recover.

Stages of pregnancy, the Fourth Month (14th -18th week)

Your embryo:

Since the beginning of this month, that is to-day 14, embryo is more powerful. Growth more focused on the size and formation of vital organs a will not be affected by drugs, infection or poison (of course up to a certain limit). The brain nerves are covered by a kind of protective layer of fat that has function to deliver the messages in and out the brain. He began to train the reflect system and began to hear voices from the outside world. If you intend to provide music therapy to the small, this is the time!.

To-day about 15, embryo begin practice to move the ball eyes. Yes, the ball eyes system has been completed. Also increases the length of the body quickly. Week to around-17, eyebrow and eyelash, even hair, began to grow. At the end of the month, the length can reach 20 cm. Usually, at the end of the month, you can start to feel embryo movement, to make you really feel the presence.

Your Body:

Entering the second trimester is, usually you start to feel better. No more nausea and fatigue. No more feeling of nausea, drowsiness controlled a difficult, tired and listless. So this is the time to start the exercises pregnant. Belly up to your waist and does not appear again. We suggest you start wear loose clothing and comfortable. Appetite and the greater your body weight also tends to increase rapidly. Therefore, you should more attention to your food consumption. Make sure you always eat a nutritious food. Do not forget to increase feed fiber to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and heartburn (heartburn in the stomach).

Linea nigra (the chocolate colored line from the navel to the bottom) started to clear. Not to worry, this line will disappear after you give birth. Your heart work twice as hard more than for you, it also supplies blood to embryo. If at the 16th week, nipple of your breast is still pulled in, you can start using the / breast shield / to train the nipple out. Starting the second trimester you should also start doing breast care that your breast milk soon returned.

Stages of pregnancy, Fifth Month (19th – 23rd week)

Your embryo:

The embryo more and more like to suck the thumb, this means that the suck reflex has completed done. Almost all systems in the body have started work. The body shape can be perfectly completed, only still relatively lean. From this moment to arrive the childbirth time later, embryo ahead to add more fat in the body. Hair, eyebrow and his eyes began to grow fur. On-week to 20, also began to form teeth in the bone of the jaw. Entering the week to 21, the length of embryo can reach 25 cm, roughly, half the length of her body when born later, and the weight can be close to 0.5 kg.

In the fifth this month, the embryo start to develop the routines schedule that will involved until after he was born. From morning to evening, is the leisurely time, where he relaxed, relaxing and sleeping. Night, when you are sleeping, instead the embryo is doing many activities. In this week, your baby gender is already apparent.

Your body:

Your thyroid glands work more enterprising, a result you will sweat more than usual. Therefore, choose something in which to absorb sweat. The increased of progesterone hormones and estrogen, lenitive cervix (mouth of the womb), as the preparation of the birth. Become more short of breath, especially when you are doing an activities.

Baby movement feel a clear and even other people can see from the bulge in your stomach. Stomach that make the skin the greater the stretch. As a result, some mothers may start to have stretch marks. Therefore, do not be bored to lubricate your stomach with baby oil or cream specifically, to maintain skin moisture. And if your skin tingle, do not be scraped! So that the skin does not hurt and cause the stretch marks move deeply.

Stages of pregnancy, Sixth Month (24th – 27th week)

Your embryo:

Senses of hearing develop more perfect that he clearly heard the sounds from outside. And he will also respond to sounds that he is listened. Try to play only music with a fast rhythm, the baby movement will be energized. He also provides the response to your emotions. When your emotions is being unstable, it tends to be more actively engaged. Body weight increased rapidly, approximately 150 grams each week. His bones grow harder and the muscle become more powerful. If because of some case, the embryo forced to born in this week, it has a chance to live.

The body:

Physical burden of the weight of your prop, make you move more slowly and more quickly tired. So not possible, you begin to feel bored. But in this body weight you must increase at least 0.5 kg per week, because the body weight increased rapidly in the embryo at this time. The stomach and the greater weight will cause some complaints such as heartburn, leg, or may start over strung cramps, easy and gum bleeding. Be wary if your blood pressure rising with the sudden and can not be explained is why, for high blood pressure can cause pre-eclampsia. Watch your body posture when standing, walking, sitting and sleeping. If you want to take something on the floor, do not bend over but squat or kneel down.

Stages of pregnancy, Seventh Moon (Sun to 28th – 32nd )

Your embryo:

The body become more fat. One of the rapid development of the body embryo in this month is the brain. The brain is increases, the brain cells and nerves growing and active. The l layering process of nerve fiber with myelin, occurred. Myelin layer make the process of delivering information to the brain more quickly, easily and efficiently. On-week to 28, weight of embryo can reach 900 grams. Approaching the end of the month, the weight can reach 1.5 kg, while the body length of about 40 cm or even more.

Your body:

The colostrums (first breast milk), which is have since the beginning of pregnancy, sometimes leak (will of the nipple), although not always the case. An increasingly heavy burden on the stomach causes your shoulders feel stiff and sore, and make you more difficult to sleep. Increasingly short of breath, increased perspiration, and often dispose of the urine. In the third trimester of pregnancy, maternal body usually increases due to start hoarding fluid in the body. The good news, in the seventh month is the pregnant mothers can entertain themselves with the need to prepare the baby, such as the equipment needs of the baby and to prepare the baby room. But remember, do not over-do it so that makes you tired.

Stages of pregnancy, Eighth Month (33rd -36th week)

Your embryo:

All embryo organs have been developed and work perfect, except the lungs. During in your womb, the baby did not real breathe, in the sense of not breathe in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. Oxygen is requesting from your body through the bloodstream. Senses of hearing is already as well as the senses of hearing of the new born baby. In this, the embryo is in a position ready for birth under the head.

Your body:

The false contraction or often called the Braxton Hicks contraction, appear more clearly. When it is shown, usually held for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You may feel pain in the pelvis due ligaments in your pelvis now become more soft. If your feet look swollen, often to take rest and lift the foot.

Stages of pregnancy, nine months ( 37th - 40th week )

Your embryo:

Weight has reached 3 kg or more in length and 46-50 cm or more. The reproductive organs have formed perfectly. On the male, his testicle has occupied scrotum and in the testis cells already have a new sperm cell. On the female, womb have perfect parent with two ovarian. Even in the ovarian are no ovum cells. Lanugos (fine hair), has grown throughout the body. Two to four weeks before birth, the embryo is usually down to the mother's pelvis.

Your body:

Pressure on the bottom of your body is bigger. But, when the embryo has come down to the pelvis, you will feel more comfortable and can breathe more comfortably. Usually in the last months of pregnancy, the weight of your body does not grow quickly. Even some of the mother, even body weight down a bit. The mouth of the womb you are soft and thin, as the preparation of the birth. You also often dispose of the urine. It is important to remember; you do not be lazy to have activities and still consume a nutritious food, because the body's stamina should be good for your face later childbirth process. Many prospective mothers who are concerned cannot or wrongly identify the childbirth signs. Do not worry, when the time comes, you will know!



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