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Pre-menstruation Syndrome

At least 50 percent, probably more, women's experience on a stage in this period does not feel comfortable which is called Pre-menstruation syndrome. These symptoms can vary from a vague feeling of pain with the light up to a series of symptoms that is not very fun. It often called the disease, instead interference.

A large number of symptoms can occur, this may be the same or vary from month to month. In general, this is a manifestation of the production of progesterone hormones at the end of the menstrual cycle. Closer coming period, usually the symptoms is more felt. Susceptive circumstances, become short-tempered, and emotional, is a common symptom complex. Many women who are as loving wife, obedient and serve, suddenly became emotional and huffy, annoyed at himself and partners, and other people around. Measure that can vary from mild, to the tensions that can cause personal disharmony even weddings. Indeed, a single symptom is often accused as the cause of marriage break, so this is very important.

With the mutual understanding between husband and wife in the face symptoms of Pre-menstruation syndrome, which can reduce the impact and does not want his wife's ability to realize these are important factors in finding a good way out.

source: Women's Magic Creation, Multiple System Disorders, Diseases and treatment
Dr. John F. Knight



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