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The Relationship between Obesity and Men Infertility

obesity and men infertility
Men with obesity appeared to have three times more likely have less of sperm compared with men with normal body weight. It was concluded from a study in the Journal of broadcast Fertility and sterility and Xinhua quoted.

"Men with the heavy weight of the three-fold risk of having a little progressive motil sperm," says the findings of the study Dr. Ahmad O. Hammoud from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and colleagues.

"There is a strong relationship between excess weight and obesity and changes in sperm parameters," said Hammoud and his team.

Obesity may be harmful to fertility in men, the researchers said, while the increase in body fat can contribute to the lower level of testosterone and the higher levels of estrogen.

To examine how body mass index (BMI) affect the quality of sperm, they evaluate the 390 men who tried fertility treatment with the pair during their period of two years.

Some 24 percent of men have a normal weight, while 43 percent have excess body weight, and 33 percent overweight. Overall, 10.5 percent have less amount of sperm.

Prevalence of the number of sperm that appear when a low BMI increased; overweight men 3.3 times more likely to have a little amount of sperm compared with men with normal weight.

Have less risk of progressive mobile sperm also increased in line with BMI, fat men who are 3.4 times more likely than men to have a well-less normal amount of sperm progressive car.

Men who are very well-fat also 1.6 times more likely to have shaped not normal sperm compared with men who excess body weight or normal weight.

The fact it makes more likely that the group studies the quality of sperm has a more poorly than men in general, said Hammoud and colleagues.




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