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To Prevent The Cervical Cancer

To Prevent The Cervical Cancer
Various types of new cancer cases found, but the types of cases where cancer is the most high prevalence, especially among women? And what a way to prevent this?

Later this began to flare hear news about cervical cancer. What actually cervical cancer?
How often cervical cancer occurred in women in? cervical cancer is a cancer that occurs in the womb or neck area cervix. Cervical is part of the womb
related to the vagina.

Cervical cancer is the number two cancer that most often attacks the women in the world. And also
cancer is the second most frequent cause of death. In Indonesia, it is estimated that each day 41 occurred cervical cancer new cases and 20 women died due to disease.
The high number is usually caused by a lack of knowledge and awareness of the dangers of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer tend to appear in women aged 35-55 years, but can also appear on women with a younger age. The cause of this cancer is a virus known as Human papilloma virus (HPV), which is a kind of virus that attack humans. There are 100 types of HPV in which the majority of not a danger, do not cause symptoms that are visible and will disappear by itself. HPV infection most often occur in young adults (18-28 years).

HPV to the development of cervical cancer on the first infection depending on the type of HPV it. Risk HPV types low or high can cause a deviation which is called pre-cancer. HPV types are low-risk almost no risk, but can cause genital warts (venereal wart disease).

Although most HPV infections will heal by itself within 1-2 years due to a system
body's natural immunity, but the infection is caused by settling of HPV types can lead to high cervical cancer. And can be developed without controlled and can be a tumor.

Cervical symptoms of cancer in pre-cancerous condition marked by the finding abnormal cells in the bottom of the cervix that can be detected through a Pap smear test, or the recent socialized with Visual inspection with acid acetate. Cervical cancer often does not cause symptoms.

However, when cervix develop into cancer, the symptoms appear, such as bleeding and keputihan on vagina is not normal, sick time dispose of water and a small pain during sexual related.

HPV can infect all because HPV can be spread through sexual relations. Women who
related sexual abuse under the age of 20 years and often switch pair high-risk infection.
But this is not likely to occur close to the women who have been faithful to one pair only.

Currently cervical cancer can be prevented with the HPV vaccine. This step can help to provide protection against some types of HPV that can cause problems and complications, such as cancer cervix and genital warts. This vaccine should be given to young women as early as possible, because immunization levels and body growth and reproductive cells in the area cervix is very good.

Vaccination is a method of early detection as an effort to prevent cervical cancer. Through the vaccination great opportunity to be healed from this disease and the more likely to press the number of cervical cancer case that threatens women. For that, immediately contact your doctor for help cervical cancer prevention. Get help prevent cervical cancer now!

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