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Fertility not Related to Sexuality

Men infertility caused by several factors, including genetics, disease Sexual diseases and infections that are acquired during childhood.

"Testis of child had an infection because the disease of Parotitis epidemica happens to children and parents are not known to spread the testis. Children also do not know if he is sick," said the specialist doctor of Faculty of Medical Andrology, University of Indonesia Prof. Dr. dr Wahyuning Ramelan SpAnd (K) in Jakarta, Saturday (13/12).

Fertility or male fertility is the ability to reproduce. Fertility does not correlate with sexuality, especially the potential to make a sexual relationship. Fertility will decline in line with the age, the elderly, the less fertile. Human fertility is estimated to currently less than men about 30 years ago.

In particular, the World Health Organization (WHO) set the male fertility criteria in his sperm aspects, namely macroscopic where the volume of 2-5 ml, appear like cloudy white (pearl white), with normal thickness, normal, typical smell, melt completely in less than a hours, no more lump.

The male infertilities will result infertilities to the fertile age of his pair (wife / female), a small part of man infertilities caused by organic factors. The majority of men infertilities caused by the interference function or sperm that do not meet WHO requirements fertility. This is caused because many.

The men infertilities, according to Wahyuning Ramelan, in general, can be grouped to three follow-that is, can still be cured in a short time (less than two years with the drug), are difficult and need time and effort that is not simple, and can not be .

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Med dr Ali Baziad SpOG (K) of Brawijaya Women & Children's Hospital said, if women get pregnant then the difficulty should be examined to see a doctor themselves. There could be cyst or miom in the womb.

Therefore, the cyst is the problem should be first and then planning a pregnancy. If it can overcome the pregnancy can be normal and does not need to participate in the "test tube" baby program.

Transalte from: “Kesuburan Tak Terkait dengan Seksualitas”
By Elok Dyah Messwati



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