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How to Increase Male Fertility

By Pauline Go
How to Increase Male Fertility

There are millions of couples all over the world who decide each year to start a family. Sadly a large number of these couples will face some problem or the other in realizing their dream. Many will go to doctors to figure out what the problem is and they end up shocked when the figure out that nearly 40 percent of the couples will not be able to conceive because of male infertility.

However, if you are one of the millions who is planning to start a family, as a man it is also your responsibility to ensure that you only provide the highest quality of sperm for your partner's egg.

There are ways and means of improving and increasing male fertility and a lot of it depends on your lifestyle and diet. Most men end up with male fertility problems because of their diet. They tend to eat a lot of processed foods, consume alcohol regularly and smoke like a chimney. This does not create a conducive environment for good quality sperm and as a result can cause problems.

Make sure that you eat healthily by consuming foods rich in zinc. Zinc is know to increase the production of sperm and you can get it through eating foods like seafood, eggs and whole grain cereal. In addition, a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables will help in sperm motility and the sperm will be able to find their way to the egg in your partner's vagina.

Stress to plays an important role in reducing male fertility and rather than spending your time sitting in front of the TV and consuming a lot of alcohol, you exercise for regularly for 45 minutes, 5 times a week. This will increase your sexual urge, improve the quality of your sperm and help you to keep fit and healthy on the whole.

Abstain from taking drugs, using tobacco products and drinking too much alcohol. All these work towards decreasing sperm count and sperm motility.




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