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How to Deal With Pregnancy Sickness

By Delayla Jayson
Pregnancy Sickness

Pregnancy sickness is probably the most unpleasing part in the pregnancy. Not being able to eat anything and feeling sick all day doesn't sound good to me. I want to share with you here few tips how to deal with pregnancy sickness and stop it. There are few good ways and remedies so let's start!

The usual remedies may not work for every pregnant woman but they are still worth trying. Ginger and peppermint - you can get them also in crystallized form, as candies or capsules. Lemon is also helpful and eating one peace of it can stop the pregnancy nausea instantly. Another fruits like apple, bananas will help you to deal with pregnancy nausea too.

Resting good is very important, at least 8 hours a night and maybe 1-2 hours during the day. Eating 6 small meals during the day will be wonderful because that way you won't be hungry and you won't have to eat a big meal and vomit it a few minutes later. Another tip is to stay away from caffeinated drinks because caffeine will only increase the pregnancy sickness - ginger tea can easily replace the regular tea you are drinking.

Another tip is to try the acupressure points technique which comes from the alternative Chinese medicine. By tapping with your thumb on the acupressure point in your body you will decrease the nausea in minutes. This method was used in hospitals to help people dealing with the nausea that comes after anesthesia. Only 5% of pregnant women aren't affected by this method so there is a very low chance it won't help you!




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