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Consumption of seafood as a Natural Fertilizer

1-2 months before the wish to have a baby, the husband and wife must increase the nutrient value. Each day eat a little seafood, as a fertilizer, seafood is very good in the sperm strengthen and improve their liveliness (sperm).

Arginine is the absolute element of sperm builder, as often as possible consume foods that contain arginine can help reinforce the kidney and sperm. However, arginine can not be formed their own, should be absorbed through food.

Seafood such as haisom, squid, octopus (Octopus) and other sea food is food that is rich with content of arginine. In addition, fish, eel, peanut, sesame, walnut, is also in frozen food which contains arginine.

Why sea food is good choice as a fertilizer?

Minerals and mikronutrien that many foods contained in the sea, particularly the content of zinc months and have important effects in maintaining the structure and function of the men reproductive system by normality. So it will give positive result for male fertility. Nutrition institutions in China (the absorption number of food nutrition of China citizens), the amount of zinc absorption recommended to adult men is 15.5 Mg / day, and the number of selenium absorption recommended is 50 micro grams / day. The most amount of zinc found in the sea shellfish such as oysters, shrimp, and crabs.

High-quality protein contained in seafood is also the main formation of sperm. The level of pollution of fish and crayfish in the lower can help manage functions in the male secretion, and increase the number and quality of sperm. In addition, various types of food such as seaweed, sea weed, alkali healthy food is very good, and the rich will iodine, iron, other mikronutrien and calcium, may consume food as often as alkali can prevent physical acid, to reduce the factors that are not good for pregnant women.

Want to increase your fertility? so sea food should be a good fertilizer you can try.

(Source Dajiyuan)

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