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Rubella Influence to Fetus

Rubella Influence to FetusRubella / Germany measles is caused by a virus called rubella. Although in clinical similar to the regular measles, slightly different from the normal measles, rubella measles can attack the brain or nerve and then the manifestation receive by new skin marked with a red spot emerged as a usual measles.

Rubella virus usually live in tropical area, subtropical, or also in the region that have spring, the virus will die in the cold temperature is -20 degrees Celsius, the virus incubation period is from mild flu symptom to appear red spots can occur in the period 7 to 20 days. When the virus enter the body, it will attack the body resistance and then this virus being attacked by the body immune, if the body immune succeed, the virus will aborts or fall and not get the disease, reverse it if the virus successfully attack the body's immune resistance will cause the symptoms of the disease so there is clinical.

Rubella virus is not the same with other viruses such as bird flu, the virus has no other mediator, either animal or plants, but transmission can occur through the air. Precisely when the catapult or sprinkling sputum of people with rubella incoming to other people’s body, the virus can also spread through body fluids such as sweat, if the body has strong resistance, the virus will die. But, if the body is weak then the virus will reside in the body.

At the first time it being discovered, the rubella measles or Germany measles being attention of the doctor in Germany so that they are very enthusiastic, so that the disease is named Germany measles. German measles symptoms are almost the same with the regular measles, indicated with ongoing fever but the temperature is not high, followed by flu, headache, dizziness, nausea, weakness, muscle pains, and further raise the level of spot or red spots on the skin throughout the body. In this Germany measles disease, the red spot on the body felt very rough and bold if it is touched. In the early stages, the red spots there are only visible on the back of the ear, to overhaul the entire surface of the skin.

The complaint is the most complete symptoms have been detected where the introduction of the rubella virus in the body. German measles or rubella was likely the same attack to children, and the transmission from pregnant mothers to her fetus. Especially in pregnant women rubella will create a fetus grow incomplete, finally cause disability such as paralysis. And even causes miscarriage. The last while there are allegations that rubella virus that attacks the pregnant mother causing the child to autism.

A mother who has been affected by rubella before they become pregnant, when she pregnant she already has a body immune to attack the virus, the mother’s immune of rubella virus will take incoming the fetus, the fetus will not be attacked by rubella and then the child was born and the age of one year .



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