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How to know you get pregnant | The pregnancy signs

Not sure you are pregnant must have been delayed menstruation week? Although there is the test pack to test the pregnancy, sometimes believe changes in the body as a sign pregnancy is still a powerful way.

Here are 10 signs to ensure that you pregnant or not ahead, we check:

1. Nipple / breast softer
If you are pregnant, you will recognize that breast and its nipple become more gentle about three weeks after fertilization (during menstruation about a week late). It may have breast swelling, similar to the time of menstruation.

2. Spot appears and cramps
When you're pregnant, usually marked by the emergence of pink spot in pants, which occurred in the implantation (whereas a fetus in the uterus wall. This happened about 8-10 days following the ovulation, slightly earlier than the arrival time of menstruation). Sometimes we perceive it as incorrect menstruation, only a short time more than the normal menstruation. Cramps are also common in early pregnancy occurs. Until the second trimester pregnancy, cramps like this will appear. Contraction in the uterus occur regularly, increasing the sport, and even under the position changes.

3. Areola darkening
In early pregnancy, you may identify areas areola (the dark area around breast nipple) begin to become more dark and its diameter become large. Believed that the increase superseded color of areola help newborn babies to suckle the nipple. You may also want to recognize that the vena on breast become more visible because of breast tightening.

4. Excessive tired
If you are pregnant, the most common symptoms in eight to ten weeks is the first feeling tired. When pregnant, the body's metabolism changes are significant. Throughout your body needs to make adjustments to the new fetus growth. for most women, fatigue will go at the age of 12 weeks gestation.

5. Nausea and vomiting
If you are pregnant, in early pregnancy, several days after fertilization, may be experiencing a “morning sickness”. Actually This ‘morning sickness’ name is wrong, because the nausea and vomiting can occur at any time: morning, afternoon, night.

6. Frequent urination
When menstruation late one to two weeks, may wish urine more often instead of usually. This is because the fetus grows in the womb pressing the urine channel. Its feels have urinate.

7. Constipation
Defecate is difficult and not smoothly? This is commonly occurring in early pregnancy. Additional hormone produced during pregnancy causes the small intestine to become more flexible and less efficient.

8. The increasing temperature of the basalt of body
Now, you can be pregnant if basalt of the body temperature increase, which time period should come later. and not descend to the level before the ovulation. When the occurrence of fertilization, the ovum is fertilized in fallopian tube, and it need for about a week to go to the uterus, where the fertilized ovum will stick in there.

9. Menstruation not come.
This landmark early pregnancy, especially if regular monthlies familiar. Combined with positive signs above, most likely you are pregnant.

10. Pregnancy tests.
If you want to ensure their accuracy, do the test pack can be purchased freely in the drugstore. Accurate urine test for pregnancy age 10-14 days. Remember, a pregnancy test that can be done at home is not necessarily 100% correct, even after a check through the blood even. If all the test results is negative, you feel like while pregnant, do the test again. This time go to the gynecologist. (



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