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Early Pregnancy Back Pain

By Albertina Belmont
Early Pregnancy Back Pain
In addition to morning sickness and cramps, early pregnancy back pain is also one of the symptoms experienced by women during pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about back pain during pregnancy as it is quite common among pregnant women and is in fact unavoidable.

Weak Body Frame Causes Back Pain

A weak skeletal system and weak muscles increase the chances of early pregnancy back pain. During pregnancy there is a continuous change in the position of the baby inside the mother's womb. The mother's body also continuously adapts itself to such changes. Proper exercise can make this adaptation much easier for your body. Abdominal muscles require proper exercise to build strong joints around the pelvic region. As abdomen is the place where baby grows, a weak skeletal system can exert a lot of pressure on the muscles in lower back. This extensive pressure can cause pain in the back.

If neglected, this pregnancy back pain, can sustain even after childbirth. The severity of back muscle pain during pregnancy may vary from one person to another. It is seen that strong and healthy women have a better resistance towards back pain in pregnancy. A strong body frame reduces the pressure on back muscles.

Proper Care Required

You can follow the given tips to reduce the severity of your early pregnancy back pain.

Take proper care while performing your daily chores.
Make a point not to over- exert or over- stretch your body.
Be careful of your movements while getting out of bed, sitting in a chair, picking things, etc.
Yoga and meditation can also help you fight a backache during pregnancy.
Following a correct posture and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can treat a mild backache.
Nutritional food is also helpful in reducing pregnancy backache.

The sole purpose behind maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a regular exercise regime is to build a strong body frame, which would ensure a smooth pregnancy and normal delivery. You must take back pain seriously and also take appropriate measures to handle such challenges, which are an inevitable part of pregnancy.

Final Words

Be well prepared to face the challenges which come along with the beautiful experience of being pregnant. Be well informed about the changes taking place in your body and ensure proper care. It is advisable to take necessary measures, to avoid and cure an early pregnancy backache. Do not neglect the backache or else it might want to stay with you for the rest of your life!




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