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Advice Before Pregnancy

By Pauline Go
Advice Before Pregnancy
Are you thinking about getting pregnant and starting a family? Prepare for pregnancy advice is available freely all over the Internet. You can get thousands of books dedicated to this topic. In addition, you will also get advice from relatives and friends. With the amount of information available these days, it is easy to get confused or have an overload of information.

Here is a short list of things you should follow in order to prepare for pregnancy.

Prepare For Pregnancy Advice:

Improve your diet

This should be the first thing you should start with. Starting consume 3 meals a day which contain food that will give you vitamins and minerals. Make sure you take adequate calcium and folic acid. You can get these through good prenatal vitamins or taking multi-vitamin tablets. Make sure you cut down on caffeine as it is known to delay conception.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Make sure your weight is in proportion to your height before you make an attempt to conceive. Reports and studies have shown that underweight mothers tend to have babies with low birth weight.


Get into shape 3 months before you attempt to conceive. This will make it easier for you to have an active lifestyle during pregnancy and it will also help you during labor. Doing aerobic exercise will help you increase your energy levels and achieve an ideal pre-pregnancy weight. In addition, you will not be too vulnerable to mood swings. Besides aerobic, other popular pre-pregnancy exercises are walking, jogging, and swimming. It is important to start out slowly. Do not overwork your body.

Stop Smoking, Drinking Alcohol and Taking Recreational Drugs

Several studies have shown that smoking, drinking and taking drugs is connected to miscarriages, behavioral problems later in life, low birth weight babies and SIDS. If you are serious about getting pregnant, stopping is the best alternative for you.




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